App Review: Medical Calculator for iPhone

By Ravish Amin

To write a good patient note during your nephrology, cardiology, and pulmonary medicine rotations, you have to know the common medical formulas. The Calculate app from QxMD Medical Software will help you calculate:

  • For Nephrology – eGFR with CKD-Epi, the Cockcroft-Gault equation, MDRD, anion gap, creatinine clearance, FeNa, and water deficit for hypernatremic patients.
  • For Cardiology – the Framingham and Reynolds Risk Scores, CHADS2 score for atrial fibrillation, mean arterial pressure, LV stroke work, cardiac index, cardiac output, and the TIMI risk score.
  • For Pulmonology – A-a gradient, ABG, pulmonary shunt, pulmonary vascular resistance, oxygen delivery, oxygen saturation, and lung volume.

Watch a video before you download it. Even better? The app is free!


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  2. That’s why I would never want to make flashcards, rlealy just a mess. And also the main reason why I am going to use a computer program with a pen tablet to start learning how to write the characters. Really not my thing to have hundreds of pieces of paper flying around with sketches that may or may not look like Chinese characters, haha.

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