App Review: How Epocrates Rx and Medscape Apps Can Improve Patient Care

By Ravish Amin

The Medscape and Epocrates Rx apps for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and now the Android platform are favorites of medical students, doctors and health care professionals. Drug details and dosages, along with an interaction checker, medical calculator and updated prescribing guidelines, make these apps a must-have. Both of these apps are free.

The Medscape app has similar features to Epocrates Rx, with the added benefit of quality news and education content. Having both Epocrates Rx and Medscape is beneficial because Epocrates has information on OTC medications, Pill ID and Formulary information that is unique. Here are a few ways to use these apps:

  1. Drug interactions – Avoid adverse drug-drug interactions and polypharmacy in patients.
  2. Learn a procedure – Use the Medscape app to practice a procedure. The app includes 2,500+ clinical images and 150+ procedure videos.
  3. News – Get summaries of your favorite journals and headlines about health news from Medscape Medical News,, Reuters and more.
  4. Formulary information – The Epocrates Rx app includes information on Medicare Part D plans, plan-specific details on copay tiers, authorization requirements, quantity limits and other useful info.
  5. Education – Study ACLS/PALS/NALS Protocols, Adult & Pediatric Vaccination Tables and more.

Download the Epocrates Rx app here .

Download the Medscape app here .


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