App Review: VisualDx – A Free iPhone App for Differential Diagnosis of Medical Images

By: Ravish Amin


Reviewing images is a valuable learning technique for medicine and essential for making the right diagnosis. So, while there are many sources for reviewing images, a neat app for the iPhone called VisualDX features high yield images along with the ability to test your differential by including patient signs, symptoms, by and comparing medical images with your patient’s presentation (this feature is known as Validate). This app also allows you to search medication-induced diseases and has ICD-9 codes, vignettes, and a quick view feature.

Studying images for the board exam is essential if you are a visual learner. Many students “see and remember” patients, and it is essential for you to develop a strategy to help you answer exam questions that include images. Moreover, the ability to make an instant diagnosis by recognition of a rash, dermatological, or immunological disease will improve patient care. Essentially, reviewing an image involves more than making the diagnosis. Figuring out the cause, mechanism, organism, and treatment for illnesses are ways for you to become a better medical care provider.


2 thoughts on “App Review: VisualDx – A Free iPhone App for Differential Diagnosis of Medical Images”

  1. It is only free for 30 days then they charge a humongous subscription fee to keep it. Yes is a great app especially if you are an FP, resident or student. But there should be a special fee for students using this app.

  2. Students have a good shot at getting VisualDx Mobile for free through their university’s library. Just off the top of my head, the University of Rochester, Harvard, University of North Carolina, PCOM – Georgia campus, University of South Dakota, University of North Dakota, Des Moines University, Creighton University, University of Oklahoma, University of Alabama, Lincoln Memorial Univeresity, University of Iowa, University of Washington, and many more already pay for a license to VisualDx for their university. Therefore, students can use it for free. Call your librarian and ask for VisualDx AND for the correct download process.

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