App Review: Pocket Atlas of Anatomy for Surgery Rotation

By: Ravish Amin


Medical technology is evolving fast and students increasing rely on digital education resources for rapid elearning. Central to any student’s retention of information are software applications that combine accurate medical content with intuitive user interfaces.



A combination of Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary with standard images from from Gray’s Anatomy for Students makes the Pocket Atlas of Anatomy a neat app for anatomy, surgery, and wards. Mobisystems provides a free trial with a user-friendly interface and images include labels. Unique features of this app are hyperlinks between words and articles, wild card – “?” and “*” replace a letter and group of letters in words. For anatomy class, rotation or on wards, this app is excellent to help students review basic structures.


For board prep and exams, other comprehensive study resources for anatomy such as the Clemente’s Anatomy, Rohen’s Photographic Anatomy, and Moore’s Clinical Anatomy Apps for iPhone and iPod touch are also available. However, these are priced from $20-$40 up with features such as custom pinpoint, study mode for image, and annotation browsing and bookmarking.



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