App Review: CPR App iResus Improves Performance of Advanced Life Support Providers

By: Ravish Amin


A new study has found that doctors who used the iResus © application as a CPR prompt devices had skills that lead to a better outcome during a patient’s cardiac arrest.



The free iPhone application by the UK Resuscitation Council uses adult and pediatric algorithms with user-friendly prompts that help doctors make better decisions as shown in a published study in the issue of Anaesthesia. Doctors who used the iResus application scored an average of 12 points higher than the control group.


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D. Low, N. Clark, J. Soar, A. Padkin, A. Stoneham, G. D. Perkins, J. Nolan. A randomised control trial to determine if use of the iResus©application on a smart phone improves the performance of an advanced life support provider in a simulated medical emergency*. Anaesthesia, 2011; 66 (4): 255




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