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App Review: Pocket First Aid & CPR for Android and iPhone

by: Ravish Amin


Need a way to review first aid procedures, improve patient care, and stay healthy?



First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association provides hundreds of illustrations on topics such as heart attack, stroke, shock, CPR, seizures, diabetic emergencies, and more.

Also included are detailed videos on how to respond in critical first aid situations. Videos include choking, CPR, seizures, cuts and wounds, and more.

The My Info tab allows you to store your medical information, save doctors’ contact information, along with hospitals, emergency contacts, allergies, medications, and more.


Download for Android or iPhone



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  1. The application sounds great! Bringing along with me, this first aid and CPR phone application can seriously save my day even my life or my friends life. This will definitely help me get through in an emergency situation.


  2. Definitely a very useful application! A few years ago a friend told me that he saw on the street an elderly gentleman fell and soon died of a heart attack, and that he were not able to help him because he was frightened, not knowing exactly what should be done. This application would certainly shorten the wasted time.


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