App Review: CellAtlas for Reviewing Cell Morphology and Hematology Basics

By Ravish Amin

CellAtlas combines mini lectures by hematology experts with an extensive cell image database to give med students more bang for their app!

While reviewing for histology or hematology, students review images to help them understand how diseases affect cell morphology and structure.

One example is a schistocyte, irregularly shaped, jagged, and asymmetrical fragments of RBC’s that are common in microangiopathic diseases, including disseminated intravascular coagulation and thrombotic microangiopathies.

Another example is band neutrophils frequently used to measure inflammation or a Rouleaux stack seen in infections, multiple myeloma, inflammatory and connective tissue disorders, and cancers.

The app also includes a game, called CellQuiz, that tests your knowledge by posing questions based on images. The app also features mini lectures written by hematology experts.

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