App Review: Storage Apps to Stay Organized During Medical School

By Ravish Amin

Don’t lose your files! Digital learning has one disadvantage. Device crashes and data loss! But, there is a solution!

Storing lectures, documents and files during medical school is important because you rely on digital tools such as video lectures, ebooks, and audio files to learn the mass of information you have to incorporate as a med student.

Dropbox offers a free 2GB account to store information online with a simple user interface organizing medical files into folders. It is compatible with mobile, tablets or desktop computers. It’s a great way to store and share documents, images, and audio of medical lectures.

Dropbox or (a similar app) enable online collaboration of information allowing students to organize research articles, homework assignments, lectures, video, audio as backup and for reference.

These apps integrate with popular apps such as Google Docs giving you the opportunity to create, share, synchronize your documents, presentations, and store information online for studying.



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