Miscellaneous Announcements

Check out the NEW USMLE-Rx.com!

USMLE-Rx.com has a fresh, clean, NEW look!  We’ve also added some great NEW products and updated some of our existing products!

The authors of First Aid, the #1 trusted resource for medical students, are thrilled to announce a new USMLE-Rx.com.

ONLY Step 1 products link directly to Facts in the First Aid book, offer a 100% pass guarantee, and are predictive of actual USMLE performance.*

So, what can you expect when you log on?

• Web and mobile test prep integrated with the #1 book for medical students – First Aid for the USMLE Step 1.

• Quality test questions –Realistic USMLE simulations

• Apply your basic science knowledge to real-life clinical situations

New First Aid Step 1 Express Video Series (click here to view demo)

• Flash Facts – switch between the 2010 and 2011 versions

• Pricing as low as $1 per day


Sign up now to get your complete digital prescription and score big with the Authors of First Aid.  Start your test prep at www.usmle-rx.com.

USMLE-Rx – Your prescription for USMLE Success!!!



*Based on an actual study of US medical students


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