App Review: The Glasgow Coma Scale Android App

By Ravish Amin

The Glasgow Coma Scale Android App is THE emergency medicine and neurology rotation have-to-have app. An intuitive interface leads the list of great features.

The Glasgow Coma Scale Android app is routinely used in the ER and during ICU rotations for assessing brain injury. The scale checks for a patient’s motor response, verbal response, and eye opening and objectively creates a score. This app includes options to select grade or severity of symptoms based on eye, verbal, or motor response. The app has an intuitive user interface with instructions in a Q&A format. The app is free and performs quick calculations. It lacks medical information correlating GCS scores with disease conditions but is perfect for ER and neurology rotations.




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    Every year progressively more Brits leave the damp shores of the UK for the tropical delights of Thailand for a short stay, A long stay and also, in fact, A long term stay. This guide summarises the entry arrangements that Thailand requires of visitors from the UK. To be perfect, The guide is released for holders of a full British passport. It’s not for British internationally Passport holders, For which the prerequisites are different in some areas.

    Some costs are in Thai baht. 1 = about 53 baht (nov 2015)

    Short stay tourismIf you’re visiting Thailand as a tourist and intend staying only 30 days, its not necessary a visa as British passport holders qualify for entry under Thailand’s ‘visa exemption scheme’ (also called the ‘visa waiver scheme’).

    It’s a requirement of the visa waiver scheme that you now take over a return ticket. practical knowledge at all, Although it’s very rare, You may be asked to show that you are able to afford to support yourself during your stay. at this point, in which 20,000 baht (400) alternatively 40,000 baht for kids.

    VisasFor other reason for entering Thailand, Or as a tourist for more than 30 days, you require a visa. There’s numerous visas available, Each type covering a set reasons like stay, And each having its particular requirements you’ll want to fulfil when applying for one.

    You can apply for your required visa one on one at any Thai embassy or consulate, throughout the world. in england and wales, You can apply face to face, But still can’t apply by post except via the Royal Thai Embassy in London. Thai Consulates all through the UK can no longer accept applications by post, so that (Or a selected person) Have to turn up in person to make the application.

    Single admittance

    A single entry tourist visa is valid for three months but only lets you stay for up to Thai dating 60 days, Provided you enter prior to 3 month validity period expires. each time you return you’ll be given another 60 days. but the truth is, As with the single entry tourist visa, The validity period of the visa must still be current at the time of each entry. included it hasn’t yet expired, You’ll still get 60 days regardless how many days the visa remains valid,

    travellers visa costs:

    Single a way in = 25.00, Multiple entry = 125 + 10 application fee

    Note Double and triple entry tourist visas have been discontinued since November 2015 and substituted for multiple entry tourist visas. The requirements for a multiple entry tourist visa are far more strict than they ever were for exponentially increase entry tourist visas. You require to be in employment and show a letter from your employer confirming your absence from work. If you’re self employed. that you need to show a self assessment tax return letter from HMRC. You also need to show a recent bank statement confirming that you should have at least 5,000. If you can’t fulfil all the requirements, you are granted a single entry visa only.

    giving out a tourist visa

    this could be done at any Thai immigration office. it will cost 1900 baht for an extra 30 days. Further extension cords are also possible, But you’ll receive less time (7 15 days) for a similar fee of 1900 baht. Most people who want to stay longer will travel to Malaysia, Cambodia, Or Laos and have a new visa at any Thai consulate. Note that visas can’t be obtained from the Burmese border town of Tachileik.

    The option to instantly re enter Thailand under the visa exemption scheme for another 30 days stay (If finding their way back by air) maybe 15 days (If finding its way back overland) is not really available. The rule that came into force in August 2014 is that you can’t enter Thailand under their visa waiver scheme if you have just completed a stay online. even so, Thai Immigration haven’t specified how long that will help you stay out the country before that option is again open to you.

    This rule was brought in to stop people abusing the visa waiver scheme by constantly crossing and re crossing the border with one of the neighbouring countries for an imprecise stay in Thailand without a visa.

    working in Thailand Non Immigrant (h) VisaTo work or work in Thailand, by law, You need to be in possession of a non immigrant ‘B’ visa. in addition to, You’ll need to apply for a work permit once inside the country (See the necessary paperwork section below).

    The visa forms that you need to complete readily available for download from the Royal Thai Consulate at Hull. (See the application form section below).

    Non immigrant ‘B’ visas cover various business type purposes of stay including:

    getting work done in Thailand for a Thai company

    This is a common purpose of stay among Brits as there’s always a demand for native English speakers to work as English teachers (Even if they’ve never in the taught English). You’ll require a letter from your new employer along with proof from them potentially they are a registered language school. Many people find any kind of work by first entering Thailand as a tourist. If they find work with the best Thai company, Such as proven language school, They can then travel to a Thai embassy or consulate in one of the neighbouring countries, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia or Myanmar and apply for a non immigrant (ful) visa, (Which must be sent applications for outside Thailand).

    getting work done in Thailand for a foreign company

    For brits, could (often) Be an english company that is sending them abroad to do some business in Thailand. A company letter is required from the organization stating reasons for wanting to send employees to Thailand and a letter of invitation from a Thai company. You need to show evidence that you really are self employed by submitting part of you on company headed notepaper with name address phone, in addition to. Also supply the address of your websites It helps. physical activities such as giving lectures, Attending business or vocational courses are also covered by non immigrant (n) visas. Any Thai consulate can provide up to date instruction.

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