3 Reasons to Choose Cloud Based eLMS for Medical Studies

By Ravish Amin

Today’s e-learning management systems are tailored in ways that make them ideal for all types of degree programs. But, are they beneficial to med students?

  1. Stay Organized – Most eLMS have dashboards that give students the option to view forums, course schedules, details about assignments, test scores, and announcements. These features can help organize study sessions and focus on content.
  2. Emerging Web Technologies for eLearning – mLearning , whiteboards (eg: Glogster), and eReader support are integrated into eLMS so that multiple students can collaborate on course assignments.
  3. Lectures and Content – Share, find and study content from friends and other groups as well as develop a personal learning record of study habits progressing from MS1-MSIV. Mix in apps from iTunes, Chrome app store, and video from Youtube to increase content from the web to supplement your school’s course lectures.

eLMS systems are an exciting way for you to access information, work with other students, and organize and submit assignments.

Does your school incorporate eLMS into the curriculum?



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