5 Tips for Using a Medical Clerkship to get a Residency

By Ravish Amin

We here at First Aid/USMLE-Rx are all about your success. With that in mind, we want you to turn a simple clerkship into a residency. Here’s how.

1. Be visible – Round early and know who your team of doctors are. Ask questions and get ample feedback and ask to review what’s working well and how to improve patient care.

2. Meet with the residency director – Showing interest in the program means that you will have to express your desire to get into the residency program. Be active in your search for a residency and meet with the residency director so that your clerkship or a sub internship is noticed by the people who make decisions.

3. Know the program – Express frequent appreciation for the residency program while you are on a clerkship, and find out why the program is a best fit for you. Ask residents questions about their daily schedules, social events, teaching, and opportunities to excel academically.

4. Be transparent – Share and work hard to make progress on doctor-requested tasks. Acknowledge any weaknesses in your application and learn how to improve. On the wards, be at your best by avoiding mistakes and knowing details about your patients.

5. Apply early – Align your goals with objective and measurable expected outcomes. Completing a medical clerkship with honors is no guarantee of an interview, however knowing enough details about your application and ways to make it competitive is a great way to increase your chances.

One extra tip—apply early!

Got any tips to share? Post them below!


3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Using a Medical Clerkship to get a Residency”

  1. I’m not sure if this is a good idea but maybe it’s worth emailing or sending a thank you note or letter to a few people in the program (e.g. the residency director)? Just to let them know you’re super interested.

  2. Can we rely on companies like medclerkships or chicagoclerkships for the clerkship programme??
    What if they r fake??

  3. Ask to speak with the company’s doctors.. If you get good advice and help before signing on it shows that their real. I have done rotations with medclerkships program and matched this year. Ask to speak with students from the past as well. Good luck.

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