Timelines for the USMLE & the Match

By Walter Wiggins

With this post, we’d like to give you an overview of the timelines for the USMLE and the Match this year. Obviously, there will be variation in some of these dates for different institutions, but our hope is to take a little stress off of you by presenting you with a general timeline to guide your preparation for the three steps of the USMLE and this year’s residency Match. Deadlines will be in red text with the exact date of the deadline listed, for clarity.


AOA – American Osteopathic Association (“DO” Match)
AUA – American Urological Association (Urology Match)
ERAS – Electronic Residency Application Service
IMG – International (non-U.S. or Canada) Medical Graduate
NRMP – National Resident Match Program (“Main” Match)
ROL – Rank-order List
SF Match – San Francisco Match (Ophthalmology Match)


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