An Ode to Step 1 and New Things

Ode smallBy Patrick Sylvester

In the final stages of Step 1 studying, and not sure what to do?
How will you fill the last few days?
Question bank? Flashcards?
Or perhaps one more pass through First Aid?

You could do that.

You could also go for a run, or a short nap.
Maybe go out for an extravagant dinner.
Or you could eat that frozen pizza in your freezer
(You know, the one you picked up from the convenient store on the way back form the library)

You could do any, all, or none of those things.
Who am I to tell you what you ought to do on your last day or two before Step 1?
What’s that? You’re already done?
Take a moment and celebrate how far you’ve come.

You’ve worked hard these past few weeks (right?).
And guess what?
It paid off—you rocked it.
You gave it your all and did the best you can do.

And what’s that ahead of you?
Third-year clerkships. Residency programs?
Soon, a new challenge.
You’ve excelled so far, why would these things be any different?


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