Miscellaneous Announcements

Announcing the One App to Rule them All! Get Qmax on iTunes!

Giftest2You can now access all of your Qmax subscriptions from one FREE iOS app.

The USMLE-Rx app, now available on iTunes, gives you on-the-go access to your Step 1 Qmax, Step 2 Qmax, and Step 3 Qmax subscriptions, all in one app.

Simply engage the drawer to access the Qmax menu.

Get it now!

Check out new features and bug fixes below:

With Qmax:

  • All your tests sync to the cloud for immediate access on any computer
  • Quiz yourself in multiple test modes with different question types
  • Get detailed performance stats by organ system and discipline
  • Review, annotate, and/or delete completed tests
  • The only app created and approved by First Aid authors.

New Features:

  • Added Step 2 Qmax and Step 3 Qmax to a drawer to enable quick access to your subscriptions
  • Added a Contact Us button in the app selection drawer
  • Added all available app icons to login screen
  • Added return to test list after creating test

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with HTML tables not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue with not being able to close lab values on iPhone 4s
  • Changed distractor strike out to happen on click instead of swipe
  • Corrected pie chart direction
  • Fixed issue with selecting an app and it not persisting after leaving app
  • Check for disciplines being null after switching apps
  • Fixed issue with red notes badge being cut off
  • Fixed issue with diff max questions per step
  • Fixed copy in create test confirmation
  • Fixed lab values crash error


Requires a valid USMLE-Rx Qmax subscription.

Android app coming soon!

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