ScholarRx Launches Powerful New Search Tool for USMLE-Rx Product Suite




ScholarRx Launches Powerful New Search Tool for USMLE-Rx Product Suite


Elizabethtown, KY:  ScholarRx is pleased to announce the launch of Rx Search, a robust new tool that allows users to search at a concept level within the USMLE-Rx product suite.  Rx Search, based on advanced natural language processing techniques, is a simple, yet fast, search bar on the USMLE-Rx Dashboard that allows users to search within USMLE-Rx applications by content type, category, and concept. Results can be queued into Qmax tests and Flash Facts study decks.

For institutional subscribers, Rx Search allows faculty to quickly find content at a granular, topic level within First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, Qmax question banks, and Flash Facts.  For programs using Rx Dashboard, statistics on individual students’ performance on these topics will appear on the Rx Dashboard, allowing administrators to understand how their students are performing in specific areas of study.

The Rx Search tool can also be used to map an institution’s entire curriculum at the concept level and integrate the results with ScholarRx and other content sources. The result is a comprehensive and seamless body of medical knowledge designed to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

About ScholarRx: ScholarRx ( is a digital learning company that delivers medical test-preparation and curriculum support services to improve medical education outcomes in programs across the globe. Its USMLE-Rx product suite, integrated with bestselling book First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, has prepared more than 150,000 students to excel on the USMLE. Visit us at or contact us at to learn more.


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