ScholarRx Announces the Medical Education Research and Innovation Challenge (MERIC).


logo_scholar-w-tagScholarRx Announces the Medical Education Research and Innovation Challenge (MERIC) to Transform Global Medical Education

Elizabethtown, KY: ScholarRx announced today the launch of the Medical Education Research and Innovation Challenge (MERIC), a landmark program designed to promote global educational scholarship and innovation. MERIC will provide $250,000 in small grant funding over five years to support investigators and creators using ScholarRx and USMLE-Rx to answer meaningful education research questions and develop innovative education solutions. The program expects to award one-time grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 for 5-10 projects each year. The deadline for the initial round of grant applications is December 31, 2017. Details for MERIC can be found at

MERIC expects to accelerate programmatic evaluation and dissemination of the transformative ScholarRx global medical curriculum initiative launched this past spring by Dr. Tao Le, Founder and Chief Education Officer of ScholarRx. “We wanted to empower trailblazing researchers and passionate teachers to help us realize our vision of bringing accessible, sustainable medical education to the entire world,” says Dr. Le. “We view this as an inclusive effort and welcome participation by student investigators and patient advocates.”

Scholarly projects of any type that leverage ScholarRx or USMLE-Rx will be considered, and learner-centered proposals that capitalize on ScholarRx’s data and infrastructure will receive higher priority. The grants committee welcomes well-designed, adequately powered single-institution studies as well as multi-institutional projects that may justify increased funding. Proposals from multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder teams will be viewed more favorably. Questions about MERIC can directed to

Click here for more information about MERIC.

About ScholarRx

ScholarRx ( is a mission-based organization of passionate medical educators, designers, and technologists dedicated to building a heathier world through accessible, sustainable medical education. ScholarRx offers a revolutionary, low-cost, multi-competency curriculum system featuring interconnectable “learning bricks.” Through USMLE-Rx and the First Aid text series, ScholarRx provides high-stakes exam preparation for over 150,000 students and physicians each year. Visit us at or find us on Facebook and Twitter.


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