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USMLE-Rx Step 1 Qmax Challenge #1659A newborn boy presents to his pediatrician for a routine check-up. According to his mother, the infant has been feeding and growing well. On physical examination, vital signs are temperature 98.0°F (36.7°C), HR 100/min, RR 30/min, and BP 80/60 mm Hg. The physician notices several hyperpigmented macules on the child’s skin as shown. When the physician inquires, the mother affirms that the macules have been present since birth and notes that she is not worried as she has several similar spots and has never had a problem with them.

What other physical exam finding is associated with this condition?

A. Bilateral vestibular schwannomas
B. Brushfield spots
C. Hypopigmentation of the hair
D. Iris hamartomas
E. Pheochromocytoma


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