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USMLE-Rx Step 1 Qmax Challenge #1765A 25-year-old previously healthy man comes to the emergency department with a 2-week history of persistent cough. He reports that he occasionally coughs up red, rusty sputum. Pulmonary function tests are notable for FVC of 60% and an FEV1:FVC ratio of 85%. A few weeks later, he presents to the emergency department complaining of abnormal urine color. A urinalysis is positive for hematuria. His temperature is 37°C (98.6°F), blood pressure is 150/95 mm Hg, and pulse is 105/min. Results of a renal biopsy are shown below.

Which of the following types of hypersensitivity reaction is this patient experiencing?

A. Type I hypersensitivity
B. Type II hypersensitivity
C. Type III hypersensitivity
D. Type IV hypersensitivity


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