WEBINAR ALERT: The Path to 250 with Dr. Tao Le


Join us for a FREE Webinar on January 28th!

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at: go.usmle-rx.com/webinar

This high-yield talk from Dr. Tao Le, the lead editor for First Aid, will cover the basics of the USMLE Step 1 including:

  • An overview of the boards
  • Goal setting
  • High-yield topics in each subject area
  • Study strategies, review resources, and study schedules.

Two lucky attendees will also receive a free subscription to Rx 360!

Stay with us after the webinar for a live, interactive Q & A session.

Title: The Path to 250 with Dr. Tao Le

Date: Monday, January 28, 2019

Time: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

Sign up today! go.usmle-rx.com/webinar


7 thoughts on “WEBINAR ALERT: The Path to 250 with Dr. Tao Le”

    1. Hi. You can go to Presentations on the top of this page. There you will find a video and a pdf with The path to 250 presentation.

  1. Hello!! I totally thought the webinar was CST….and I logged and caught the last few mins and saw that I it was in fact, EST!!! I really wanted to attend…I am taking CBSE 8am Thursday morning, and I REALLY wanted to hear what Dr. Le had to say!! I was having a hard time with some types of the more Clinically-Oriented questions…..so I was overjoyed when I heard he was giving the webinar on breaking down these types of questions! But, I missed all of it!!!! I saw when I logged in that the Webinar was being recorded…..can I PLEASE have access to it??? Like, as soon as possible? I could really use his advice…especially now!! lol. Thank you so much in advance!!!!

    1. firstaidteamjd

      We’re glad that you were excited about the webinar. We hope you did well on your CBSE!

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