Connect with ScholarRx at the 23rd IAMSE Meeting in Roanoke

ScholarRx is once again proud to be sponsoring and participating in several events at the upcoming IAMSE Annual Conference, June 8-11, at the Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, Virginia.

ScholarRx is a leading provider of medical education and assessment solutions and recently launched a low cost, modular global medical curriculum initiative featuring “bricks” that schools can use to build custom curriculum. Over 15 schools have conducted free pilots using the Bricks and the feedback from students and faculty has been overwhelmingly positive. You can learn more about Rx Bricks here.

ScholarRx also has a full array of assessment solutions for high stakes exam preparation and program evaluation, along with a new Faculty Portal to create and publish assessments directly from the platform and monitor student progress through our new dashboard. We would be happy to demonstrate these exciting new features for you. Please contact or to learn more.

We invite you to stop by the ScholarRx booth or attend one of our IAMSE Presentations or Poster Sessions:


Saturday, June 8th // 12:15 PM – 3:15 PM

New Educator and Scholar Training (NEST): A Professional Development Workshop for Students

In 2008, only 44% of US medical schools responding to a national survey offered a formal student-as-teacher (SaT) professional development program, yet all reported utilizing students as teachers. Medical education accreditation bodies worldwide have stated the importance of teaching as a core physician skill in their competency frameworks. In addition, residents charged with educational responsibilities of teaching their medical students and peers may be responsible for about one-third of the education in a clinical setting.

This highly interactive workshop will introduce student participants to a framework for medical education professional development and cover the fundamentals of curricular design, pedagogic strategies and education scholarship.


Chris Burns – California Health Sciences University
Tao Le – ScholarRx / University of Louisville School of Medicine
Elisabeth Schlegel – Zucker School of Medicine
Yun Weisholtz – Harvard Medical School


We look forward to seeing you there!

The ScholarRx Team



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