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4b9ca2610b7b88e6961524a8ceb7fee4Are you starting medical school and wondering about the USMLE? Or beginning your second year and thinking about Step 1? What if you could learn the best Step 1 study strategies from an experienced USMLE expert—completely free?

What if you could follow the same path that has led others to score 250 or higher?

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you register to attend this free webinar happening Wednesday, July 17th, at 9pm ET.

This high-yield talk from Dr. Tao Le, the series editor for First Aid, covers the basics of the USMLE Step 1, including:

  • An overview of the boards
  • Goal setting
  • High-yield topics in each subject area, and
  • Study strategies

Dr. Le also provides a brief walk-through of USMLE-Rx and shows how you can use tools like Express Videos, Flash Facts, and Study Stream to optimize your Step study routine.

You’ll even get the chance to win a free USMLE-Rx subscription at the end. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive bonus offer just for registering—join live to hear what it is!

Don’t fall behind because you didn’t have a solid plan. Learn from the experience of thousands of others who have successfully scored 250 or higher, and be confident in your USMLE knowledge on exam day.

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