Mnemonic Monday: Sweet Pumpkin Pie … A Glycolysis Mnemonic!


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By Molly Lewis

Pumpkin pie – one of my absolute favorite things!

Memorizing biochemistry pathways – um, not quite as high on the favorites list….

However, combining the two = a palatable combination!

As we move into the holiday dessert season, try out these mnemonics to remember the steps of glycolysis:

Glycolysis Intermediates:

“Goodness Gracious, Father Franklin Did Go By Picking Pumpkins (to) Prepare Pies”

Did = Dihydroxyacetone phosphate

By = 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate

PrEPare = PEP (phosphoenolpyruvate)

Pie = Pyruvate


Glycolysis Enzymes:

“Hungry Peter Pan And The Growling Pink Panther Eat Pies”

To remember which “P” enzyme goes with which step, think about what is being done in the step. For example, “kinase” means the step involves the transfer of a phosphate group from one molecule to the other, “isomerase” means a change from a glucose to fructose backbone, and “mutase” means something (here, a phosphate) is being moved from one place to another on the same molecule.

Do you have any tips on memorizing the glycolysis pathway? Post them below! Or, check back later to see if anyone has posted a mnemonic that would work for you!



Glycolysis enzymes mnemonic:

glycolysis diagram:

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