Secrets of the USMLE: How to Dissect Any Question on Test Day – Cardiovascular Edition

Do you struggle with cardio?  Are you wondering how to tackle the variety of cardio questions that will be coming your way on the USMLE Step 1?  If so, join Dr. Tao Le (lead editor of the First Aid series), along with other members of the USMLE-Rx team for this free live workshop: Secrets of the USMLE: How to Dissect Any Question on Test Day: Cardiovascular Edition. The webinar will be held on Tuesday, January 21st, at 8:00 pm EST.

We’ll break down a series of USMLE-style cardiovascular questions to reveal the underlying formula—then show you our proven strategy for approaching similar questions on the exam.  It follows the same approach that our Rx Coach tutors use…because it works.  

Don’t get caught off guard on test day! Be confident in knowing the structure of the questions, not only the content. And give yourself the best shot at reaching that 250+ score.

Register for free here:

When you attend the live webinar, you’ll not only learn how to:

  • Break down the “clinical vignette”
  • Identify crucial information in the question’s narrative history
  • Decode the lead-in
  • Confirm or reject possible diagnoses
  • Approach every answer choice strategically
  • (And more)

You’ll also get the chance to win free USMLE-Rx subscriptions at the end. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive bonus offer just for registering—join live to hear what it is!

Don’t let cardio break your heart.  Gain a huge advantage on test day—learn the formula behind these clinical questions and prepare yourself for success.


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