First-Ever Rx Self-Assessment Week Kicks Off May 17

First-Ever Rx Self-Assessment Week Kicks Off May 17



Drum roll please … we at USMLE-Rx are excited to hold our first-ever Rx Self-Assessment Week! From May 17-24, 2021, USMLE-Rx’s Self-Assessment 1 – the ONLY USMLE Step 1 Self-Assessment brought to you by the authors of First Aid – will be available to all for FREE.

What are the USMLE-Rx Self-Assessment Exams?

USMLE-Rx Step 1 Self-Assessments are 40-question modules designed to simulate a real Step 1 experience. Participants will receive a predicted Step 1 score as well as a breakdown of their performance that can help students adapt and improve their study plan.

How do students participate in Rx Self-Assessment Week?

Anyone with a paid subscription or a free trial account will be able to access Rx Self-Assessment 1 from May 17-24. If students do not have a subscription or a free account with USMLE-Rx, they can create one here. We’ll email reminders and updates throughout Rx Self-Assessment Week.

 Are there any prizes or giveaways?

Absolutely! Everyone who participates by taking Rx Self-Assessment 1 will receive a special promo code for 40% off new subscriptions or subscription upgrades. And, three people who post about their experience with the hashtag #RxScore will be randomly selected to win lifetime subscriptions to Rx360+! Check out more details and the Self-Assessment Week timeline here



What makes the Rx Self-Assessment Unique?

Some self-assessment exams only focus on the questions. However, along with providing you with an experience that reflects the style and content of Step 1, we also provide the tools to help you understand why you may have gotten a question wrong. In our explanations, we offer:

  •       Sequential, step-by-step dissections to show you how to reach the correct answer.
  •       Rationales for each incorrect answer choice, so you understand why it’s wrong.
  •       The Bottom Line, which offers the high-yield takeaway for each question.
  •       Related Rx Bricks that point you to modules which go deeper on topics that you find challenging.
  •       First Aid Facts which include the actual pages from First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 that the question addresses.

 Step 1 QMax – Check Out the Makeover

Our Step 1 Qmax questions have recently gotten a makeover. We’ve adjusted question stem length to be more consistent with current Step 1 questions. We’ve also overhauled answer explanations so that confirming your correct response, or pinpointing where you went wrong, is easier than ever.

 Join us in ringing in Rx Self-Assessment Week – good luck to ALL!!! 



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