Join the USMLE-Rx Student Ambassador Team!

Would you like to join us as we work to build a healthier world through accessible, sustainable medical education?

As a USMLE-Rx student ambassador, you can help your friends and classmates master medical school and prepare for the boards with the only digital learning suite fully integrated with First Aid for the USMLE Step 1.

In return, you can:

  • Earn valuable rewards
  • Help your peers and classmates save money on USMLE-Rx products, including the new Rx360+, which include Rx Bricks
  • Share input on new medical education initiatives
  • Participate in beta tests of new products

We often hear from students like this one who found Rx incredibly valuable, but wished they had started using it earlier:

Although medicine was always a passion of mine and a career I knew I would pursue in my life, I was not prepared for the route I would take….I was recommended USMLE-Rx at the end of my second year, and I wished I had the subscription earlier because it would have definitely made me feel more confident in my knowledge. Now that I’m using it, I do feel assured I am studying smarter and not harder.

By becoming an Rx ambassador, you can help others become the doctor they aspire to be with a resource that is both comprehensive and high-yield.  Whether you’re an M2 thinking about board season, or an M1 who wants to make a difference, let us know.  Let’s help your classmates save money and time in med school, while improving their performance.

If you’re ready to become a USMLE-Rx Student Ambassador, join us!



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