Rx Bricks Podcast: Cell Cycle

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Eukaryotic cells reproduce themselves by going through the cell cycle, which divides one cell into two. The cell cycle comprises two main phases, interphase and mitosis, both of which are further broken down into steps, as well as a separate resting phase. When a cell divides appropriately, this allows our bodies to fix damaged tissue and replace old layers of cells. However, when the cell cycle happens either at an inappropriate time or without stopping, cancers can develop. This is why the cell cycle is highly regulated with multiple checkpoints and myriad regulatory proteins. Next, we’ll go over the steps of the cell cycle and dive into the complex regulatory mechanisms that prevent cancers from forming.

After listening to this Audio Brick, you should be able to:

  • Outline the four main stages of the cell cycle.
  • Describe the role of cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases in promoting cell cycle progression.
  • Describe the cell cycle checkpoints.
  • Outline the process of mitosis.

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