Rx Search Update

Rx Search

We know how important it is for med students to find information fast, which is why our hearts are racing for the new version of Rx Search, now available in USMLE-Rx.

As you know, USMLE-Rx has a rich library of content with over 800 bricks, nearly 5,000 questions, over 14,000 flash cards, and 1300 videos: plus, every fact in First Aid for the USMLE Step 1. But no one expects you to memorize all that material. Even the best physicians are routinely asked clinical questions that they can’t answer off the top of their head. When looking for information, what’s critical for both physicians and med students is that the search tool being used is fast and accurate. With that in mind, our development team not only updated the design, but also improved the Rx Search engine so that it produces results over twice as fast as before. You’ll feel the speed!

By default, Rx Search now displays the top three results in each of our product categories, then further organizes the remaining results into product category tabs. For instance, when you search for heart failure, if you only want to see the most relevant Bricks, click the Rx Bricks tab. If you’re wondering where heart failure is covered in First Aid, click the First Aid tab.

We are confident that these improvements to Rx Search will help you study even more efficiently.




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