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Six simple steps for reading EKGs

By Michael Spinner As with reading a chest X-ray, the key to reading EKGs is to have a systematic method that you follow each and every time. While there are a number of different methods out there, the following 6-step approach for reading EKGs is particularly easy and […]

Analyzing the match for IMGs

By Sasmit Sarangi There has been a lot of attention on the increasing difficulty for IMGs in the Match. A large part of this fear has been precipitated by the observed trend of increasing numbers of IMG applicants coupled with a lack of increase in residency positions. This […]

Give Me A Break! Step 1 Time Management

By Patrick Sylvester Let’s talk about your plan for exam day. You might be thinking, “Surely there are more important things I should be studying/worrying about?” Well you might be right, but in my experience, too many students put off thinking about test day logistics until the bitter […]

Identifying a Research Mentor

Jocelyn Compton In a previous post called Getting The Most Out of Your Research Experience, we presented a few points of advice on how to optimize research. We think that research is a great way to enhance your academic profile and improve your effectiveness as a resident and […]