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Going to America: the IMG Journey

By Fady Akladios The information in this post is based on material published in the First Aid for the International Medical Graduate, 2nd edition. As a non-US born IMG, making the decision to pursue postgraduate training in the US is a significant life decision. Not only will you […]

USMLE Step 2 CS Updates: Recent Changes to the Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS) Content Description and General Information Booklet

This informative booklet contains important information about the Step 2 CS exam. Recent updates, effective January 2014, include: Expanded language on expectations for interacting with standardized patients in the Description of the Examination section Additional information on scoring in the Scoring the Step 2 CS Examination section New […]

Residency Visa Options for IMGs

By Sasmit Sarangi Disclaimer- Please bear in mind that most of the information here has been derived from friends and personal experiences. Some visa situations are extremely complex, so seek legal advice. The information provided here may contain minor inaccuracies, so please feel free to correct me in […]

Staying Fit on the wards!

By Jocelyn Compton It’s January, and 2014 is here with all its resolved glory! It can be particularly tough to keep your personal health in mind as a third year medical student, and after a sixteen-hour day, spending a half hour working out seems unreasonable amidst patient notes, […]