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Mnemonic Monday: Fetal Heart Tracings

By Haley Masterson Reading your first fetal heart tracing can be intimidating, but you will be a pro at interpreting accelerations, early decelerations, variable decelerations, and late decelerations once you read a few hundred of them. Until then, keep this mnemonic close at hand… VEAL CHOP The trick […]

What’s in a Name?

By Joe Savarese Mnemonics are definitely useful tools for medical students – useful for quick recall and short-memory techniques on frequently difficult topics. However, I found that when I am in the exam room with 72 seconds per question, my mind likely will not remember the twelve cranial […]

Mnemonic Monday: "Sometimes 'Cuz of A Hypoperfusion"

By Haley Masterson Using this mnemonic, you can simplify the order of the four types of respiratory failure as Shunting, increased CO2 (hypoventilation), Atelectasis, and Hypoperfusion. Shunting is commonly caused by pulmonary edema, hypoventilation is either neurological or neuromuscular in etiology, atelectasis is commonly seen in perioperative patients, […]

Mnemonic Monday: Sensory and Motor Anatomy

By Haley Masterson “Afferent” and “Efferent” may be among the most confusing similar-sounding words in medicine. Luckily, there’s a mnemonic to help tell them apart – as a bonus, this study trick also covers the difference between dorsal and ventral neurological systems.