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Mnemonic Monday: Argyll-Robinson Pupil

By Haley Masterson To remember the ocular symptoms of Argyll-Robinson Pupil, just take the first letter of each word – ARP – and read it forwards and backwards. Forwards, you have ARP – Accommodation Reflex Present. Backwards, you have PRA – Pupillary Reflex Absent. Usually the constriction to […]

Mnemonic Monday: The 5 Hs and 5 Ts of Cardiac Arrest

By Michael Spinner Cardiac arrest, defined by the loss of functional circulation, is a true medical emergency that may rapidly progress to death if not addressed immediately. Emergent stabilizing measures include defibrillation for patients with a “shockable rhythm” (i.e. ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia) and immediate CPR […]

CUSHINGOID – Side Effects of Corticosteroids

By Michael Spinner Corticosteroids are commonly prescribed medications used to suppress an overactive and unwanted immune response. This may include suppression of an immune response to innocuous, environmental antigens (allergies or asthma), self-antigens (autoimmunity), and foreign, transplanted antigens (allograft rejection). While beneficial in reducing inflammation in these conditions, […]