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Step 2 Qmax: Question of the Week

For this week’s quiz, we’ve pulled a pediatric question from our Step 2 Qmax library. Let’s see if you can determine the cardiac issue associated with this boy’s condition. And, as always, merit points go to those who can name that condition. Once you’ve submitted your answer, we […]

Step 2 Clinical Skills PROtips

By Jocelyn Compton Step 2 Clinical Skills is the final national examination we take as medical students. It is required for most medical school graduations. According to the USMLE website, “Step 2 CS uses standardized patients to test medical students and graduates on their ability to gather information […]

How To Tackle The Hardest Part About Studying

By Luke Murray “The hard part about writing is not the writing. It’s sitting down to write.” – Steven Pressfield, author of “The Legend of Bagger Vance”   When it comes to studying, or any endeavor requiring great physical, mental, or emotional effort, having momentum on your side […]