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Six simple steps for reading EKGs

By Michael Spinner As with reading a chest X-ray, the key to reading EKGs is to have a systematic method that you follow each and every time. While there are a number of different methods out there, the following 6-step approach for reading EKGs is particularly easy and […]

On the Road Again: Away Rotations!

By Molly Lewis During the first several months of the 4th year of med school, many students pack their bags, pre-pay their rent, and fly off to a new med school to spend four weeks on an away rotation. Sean’s post about DO audition rotations has some quality […]

Staying Fit on the wards!

By Jocelyn Compton It’s January, and 2014 is here with all its resolved glory! It can be particularly tough to keep your personal health in mind as a third year medical student, and after a sixteen-hour day, spending a half hour working out seems unreasonable amidst patient notes, […]

Choosing a Specialty

Fady Akladios In my first year of medicine, a few colleagues and I had a discussion about the best medical specialty to pursue. Most of the arguments made were about how physicians in one specialty have exotic cars or how these other specialists went on amazing vacations. Most […]