Got questions? We’ve got answers! Below are the most common inquiries we get about these great deals.
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[spoiler intro=”Questions you may have…”]
Can I continue to add to my list once I’ve submitted it?
Absolutely. As long as your promo code is active, feel free to share it. You do not, however, need to send us the additional names.

What happens if I don’t get the minimum purchases at the end of the promotion.
It would be a bummer if you didn’t reach the first reward level, but even if you don’t, everyone that has made a purchase using the promo code will keep their great discount.

Can I purchase a subscription to add to my total?
Sorry, any purchases you make will not count toward your total.

When do I get my rewards?
Once your promotion has ended, and we tally the final results, we’ll email you about your rewards, to get your address (if applicable) and to verify what subscription(s) you prefer and whether or not you want to activate them now or take advantage of our Delayed Start feature. Don’t worry, we’ll get your subscription(s) activated right away (if you have won one) and email you your “virtual” gift card. If you have won an iPad mini or other reward, we’ll get that shipped within a week of notifying you of your final promotion tally.


[spoiler intro=”Questions students may ask you…”]
Can I use my AMSA membership with this discount?
Sorry, this offer cannot be combined with any other discount offers.

I’d love to take advantage of the deal, but I’m not ready to begin studying. Must I use the subscription now?
No, you can set your subscription to delay for up to 6 months. The Delay Start feature must be set at the time of purchase, otherwise the subscription will begin immediately.

I already have a subscription, can I apply the code to my current account?
Sorry, this offer is for new purchases only and cannot be applied to current subscriptions.

What is the refund policy?
We will refund your full subscription price if your refund request is made to us within the first five days after your purchase (but remember, cancelled subscriptions will be deducted from your promo total).

Can I use my subscription no matter where I am?
Definitely! Just be sure that you log out of your current system before trying to log into a different computer. Our system will permit only one active login at a time.