'DO NOT USE' Abbreviations

For those of you on rotations or looking forward to starting them, the Joint Commission has an official “Do Not Use” list. The reality is that certain abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, and dose designations may cause confusion and are therefore considered dangerous. To eliminate this confusion and ensure that […]

5 Tips to Improve Grades on Rotations

By Ravish Amin Based on my experience, approaching each rotation with enthusiasm and passion is a good recipe for success. Let’s face it, not every rotation you attend is going to be your favorite. Some students enjoy surgery because of the hands-on experience, the exposure to cool organs, […]

Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT) Announces Primary Care Innovation Winners

By Ravish Amin The Massachusetts General Hospital’s Ambulatory Practice of the Future (APF) and the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT) award annual prizes for innovation in primary care. This year’s winning concept involved rapid imaging of the retina for screening without requiring eye drops […]

ERAS applications due September 1st!

By Vamsi K. Kancherla The last several months spent figuring out what you want to do when you graduate from medical school have undoubtedly been difficult. In a few weeks, you will be just one button away from making your application to residency official. September 1st marks the […]

The Successful First Year Medical Student

As a first-year medical student, you already know med school is going to be hard, but in all honesty, there probably isn’t anything you’ve done up to now that will have prepared you for what you’re about to experience. You’re excited, nervous, and understandably wondering if you’re going to […]