How to Schedule a Military Rotation

By Lisa Mitchell, 2 LT USAR This is a brief how-to intended for HPSP scholars. The following is not applicable to you if you are a civilian. I’m in the army, and this is probably most relevant to you if you are too. Although the branches are increasingly […]

Deadline for Residency Rank List

By Vamsi Kancherla It’s that time of the year again; the time when every medical student in the country is required to submit their official Rank Order List (ROL) of the residency programs they hope to match. For students and programs, the deadline this year to SUBMIT & […]

Video Review Grading Scale

Categories User Interface: (1 to 5), slicker interface gets higher number Learning format: (1 to 5), variety or quality gets higher number Quality of Questions: (1 to 5), higher quality gets higher number Price (1 to 5), more expensive gets lower number, however if price matches quality this […]