Step 1 Question of the Week

See if you can handle our Step 1 Question of the Week.  Earn bonus points by providing a diagnosis along with the reasoning behind your conclusion. Afterward, take the Rx Challenge and see why more med students are relying on USMLE-Rx for Step 1 prep.  Each participant will […]

Step 2 Qmax: Question of the Week

For this week’s quiz, we’ve pulled a pediatric question from our Step 2 Qmax library. Let’s see if you can determine the cardiac issue associated with this boy’s condition. And, as always, merit points go to those who can name that condition. Once you’ve submitted your answer, we […]

Join the First Aid/USMLE-Rx Team

Greetings First Aid and USMLE-Rx fans! Each year more than 150,000 students and physicians trust First Aid for the USMLE, USMLE-Rx Qmax, First Aid Flash Facts, and First Aid Express videos for critical exam prep and curricular coursework. We hope that you have also benefited from these resources, […]

Express Video of the Week: Enzyme Kinetics

Sarina Bang leads you through an exploration of enzyme kinetics, including ways to differentiate reversible competitive inhibitors, irreversible competitive inhibitors, and noncompetitive inhibitors. She also helps you understand Michaelis-Menten kinetics and Lineweaver-Burk plots, as discussed in First Aid for the USMLE Step 1. Learn more about the USMLE-Rx […]