App Review: Customize Your Step 1 Study Schedule with Cram Fighter

By Ravish Amin

One of the most efficient ways to prepare for the USMLE is to create and follow a detailed schedule about which subjects you will study, for how long, and when. The CramFighter UMSLE Step 1 app for iPad and iPod Touch can help you do the following:

  1. Identify your resources. – What books are you using to study for the exam? The favorite combo for medical students has been First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, First Aid for the Basic Sciences: Organ Systems, First Aid for the Basic Sciences: General Principles, and First Aid Cases for the USMLE Step 1. These four books are a “must read, must have” for every medical student.  Reviewing these books and practicing test questions (such as USMLE-Rx QMax) will definitely help you pass the boards; but how you organize your study time is just as important as what you study. The Cram Fighter app can help you develop a study schedule that meets your specific learning goals. For example, it has content outlines from the First Aid books built in so that you can develop custom schedules.
  2. Get organized. – Adding new books or topics to your study schedule is easy to do with the Cram Fighter app. Add your favorite board review book to mix-and-match your study session; content outlines for new books are added to the app frequently.
  3. Re-balance your board review as you go. – How many hours a day can you study? How many pages can you read each day? If you find your initial schedule isn’t working, a re-balancer option makes it easy to change your study schedule.
  4. Evaluate your performance. – Evaluate your performance on a weekly basis to help you determine what changes you need to make to reach your goal.


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