App Review: Improved Communication, Enhanced Quality Care, and Better Grades with Spanish Apps for Medical Students

By: Ravish Amin


A language barrier should never get in the way of quality medical care. is a cool website that has details about anatomy in Spanish, an archive of dialogs, and exercises to help you get the most common scenarios to aid in effective communication. Spanish apps for the iPhone help you learn how to address specific questions to patients so you can understand his or her chief complaint, get a history of the present illness, perform a physical exam, and develop a treatment strategy.


The Spanish Phrasebook with Audio ~ Conversational Spanish app includes the most common phrases, greetings, and everyday Spanish conversation items to help you converse effectively.

The Medical Spanish Audio app is a step-by-step tutorial for questioning patients using specific questions that may help you communicate effectively and enhance treatment for your Spanish-speaking patients. This app also includes an Emergency Medical Spanish Guide (EMSG) guide organized by questions, instructions, and explanations in logical easy-to-find chapters.

Here’s your first test! What is the meaning of this in English? ¿Tiene tos? ¿Cuándo empezó? Lo que lo hace mejor o peor? ¿Tiene fiebre, náuseas, vómitos o escalofríos? No te preocupes, yo estudio con USMLE-Rx y yo voy a hacer saludable!


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