App Review: Procedures Consult App for iPhone and iPad

By Ravish Amin

Need an app for the wards? Look no further. The Procedures Consult App for iPad and iPhone may be just what the doctor ordered.

The Procedures Consult App for the iPad and iPhone allows medical students, residents, and fellows to easily review common procedures in medicine such as:

  • abdominal paracentesis
  • arterial blood gas sampling
  • arterial cannulation
  • basic airway management
  • cardioversion
  • lumbar puncture
  • nasogastric intubation to pulmonary artery catheter
  • stapling devices
  • and central venous catheterization

Experts give video lectures on each procedure, including pre- and post-procedure steps.

This app is ideal for the wards! The app has a search and bookmark feature so you can organize your videos.

Get the app!


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