ScholarRx Launches Global Medical Curriculum Initiative




ScholarRx Launches Global Medical Curriculum Initiative


Palo Alto, CA: Dr. Tao Le, Founder and Chief Education Officer of ScholarRx, announced an ambitious new medical curriculum initiative to transform medical education globally today at Stanford Medicine X | ED.  ScholarRx is developing a low cost, componentized, multi-competency curricular platform that will empower faculty and medical schools anywhere to rapidly develop and deliver high-quality curricular and assessment experiences, even in resource-poor environments. Dr. Le comments, “Through the ScholarRx curriculum initiative, we hope to address deep education needs at a global, societal level and help define consensus curriculum elements that will be accessible to medical schools anywhere.”

ScholarRx specifically seeks to collaborate with schools that desire to address rising costs in education and healthcare as well as education inequality in their region. A hematology curriculum system has already been developed and is available to any school to pilot at no cost. The curriculum initiative is currently being evaluated at several North American schools, and international pilots are expected to start later this year.

To accelerate education research, innovation, and dissemination with the ScholarRx curriculum initiative, Dr. Le also announced the ScholarRx Medical Education Research and Innovation Challenge (MERIC).  Launching later this summer, MERIC will provide $250,000 in funding to support faculty, student, and patient researchers and innovators working with ScholarRx over the next five years.

About ScholarRx

ScholarRx is a 13-year-old social startup dedicated to building the sustainable and equitable “40-year medical school” for lifelong learners globally. ScholarRx was founded by authors of the ubiquitous First Aid for the USMLE text. ScholarRx and First Aid serve more than 150,000 medical student and physician learners every year. To learn more, go to or contact

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