Take the Rx Challenge!

Today we’re officially launching the Rx Challenge, which is the culmination of a nearly 18-month journey that the USMLE-Rx team has been on to build the best Step 1 Qbank. Those who participate might even walk away with a $500 gift card and a one-on-one counseling session with legendary¬†First Aid¬†senior editor, Dr. Tao Le.

But first, let us tell you about our journey.

We began by using the same approach that continues to make First Aid the bible for med students‚ÄĒwe reached out for feedback from thousands of student learners who used us and the other leading Qbanks.

We also consulted with hundreds of students and faculty to help us overhaul every question in our Step 1 Qmax question bank, which amounted to well over 2,000 USMLE style items.  Every question.  Every answer.  Every step-by-step explanation.  Every bottom line.

Then we took it on the road.

We asked hundreds of students preparing for their Step 1 exam to participate in blind comparisons of our questions vs. those from other leading Qbanks.

To be honest, we weren’t sure what to expect. ¬†But the results were resoundingly positive. ¬†In fact, 7 out of 10 students picked the new USMLE-Rx Qmax questions over those from other Qbanks.


But we’re not standing idle.

Which is why we’re launching the Rx Challenge. ¬†We’re inviting all med students who are preparing for the Step 1 to try our USMLE-Rx 360 program for free and tell us what you think. After completing the challenge, you’ll be asked to complete a short survey, which will enter you into a drawing to win a¬†$500 gift card¬†and a¬†counseling session¬†with legendary¬†Dr. Tao Le, senior editor of First Aid.

The Rx Challenge is also open to current users of USMLE-Rx, who can enter by visiting our home page.

USMLE-Rx¬†was designed by¬†students and faculty to help you achieve a score that sets you on the career path you’re envisioning. Which is why we’re serious about your success.

Are you ready to take the challenge?



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