Meet the Newest Winner of the Rx Challenge!

USMLE-Rx is very proud to announce the third grand prize winner of the Rx Challenge! Thousands of med students from around the world have entered to see why the questions from Step 1 Qmax are rated so highly when it comes to item quality.

During the Rx Challenge, med students are given the opportunity to experience the quality of our Step 1 resources by taking a 5-day trial. When the trial is over, they complete a short survey in order to earn a chance for a $500 gift card and a one-on-one career counseling session with Dr. Tao Le, the senior editor of the First Aid series.

In our original blinded comparisons, USMLE-Rx questions were matched head-to-head against items from the leading competitors. Over the course of that test, students chose USMLE-Rx 7 out of 10 times. Of the thousands of med students from around the world who have taken part in the Rx Challenge, nearly 75% have agreed that Qmax is the best Step 1 Qbank on the planet.

RxChallenge Winner 3 Copy

The third winner of the Rx Challenge is Joana, a second-year med student at Yale Medical School. Joana grew up in Crete, Illinois, just south of Chicago, and attended Yale for her undergraduate degree, studying biochemistry and biophysics. After traveling the world and visiting numerous medical schools, she decided to stay in New Haven for medical school.

Like many med students at this stage, she is keeping her options open for specialties. But she’s leaning toward internal medicine, and would be interested in exploring  interventional cardiology.

Joana took the Rx Challenge back in January and purchased Rx360 a few weeks ago, based in part on recommendations from third-year students. Right now, she’s using Flash Facts and Study Stream, due to the spaced repetition capabilities, and is starting to use Qmax in preparation for Step 1, which students at Yale are encouraged to take during their third year. But she’s also excited about Rx Bricks, since it focuses on explaining core topics in a clear and concise way.

We congratulate Joana and look forward to setting up her personal counseling session with Dr. Le!

Have you taken the Rx Challenge?  We invite you to point your browser to and check it out! Maybe you will be the next winner!


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