Need Flash Cards? Get Rx360+ with Flash Facts

Why make your own flash cards when we have all of the Flash Facts that you need, each fully correlated with the latest version of First Aid for the USMLE Step 1?!

Why choose Rx360+, which includesĀ Flash FactsĀ from USMLE-Rx?

  • Over 14,000 flash cards covering every major area of the pre-clinical curriculum integrated with First Aid for the USMLE Step 1
  • Drill yourself on the key First Aid facts
  • Searchable by organ system, discipline, and topic
  • Highlight and annotate cards or add them to SmartNotes
  • First Aid topics updated annually with corrections and bonus content
  • Easily add topics to Study Stream, which lets you monitor your progress and focus on your weak areas through its advanced spaced repetition capabilities.

Here’s an example of what you see on every Flash Fact.

FlashFacts (1).png

Flash Facts have helped thousands of users prepare for the boards. Here’s what students and IMGs are saying:

  • “On my slower days, I did not find reading First Aid or Pathoma to be that efficient because I felt as if I was being passive with my reading. On days like that, I would either utilize my resource for practice questions or for flashcards. I was never much of a fan of Anki, even though they have wonderful success rates, so I used Flash Facts. This resource really helped me solidify and retain knowledge straight out of First Aid, which is extremely valuable when taking Step 1.”
  • “I used Flash Facts as my primary review resource during my dedicated period for step 2 studying. Flash facts is an excellent resource because it goes in the order of First Aid and essentially asks questions that are very high yield. Also the flash cards are asked in a way that facilitates active learning, and there is an option for spaced repetition [Study Stream] which enhances recall.”
  • “I purchased Rx360 and the Flash Facts are my most used aspect. I think the Flash Facts are awesome for people that normally study with flash cards and also people like myself who do not normally use flash cards. Flash Facts provides a more active method of learning instead of just passively reading First Aid. It is great that they are premade so you do not need to make your own flash card sets on Quizlet. I like that you can flag cards on material you may need to look back at.”

You can try out Rx360+ today by starting a 5-day free trial.

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