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Study Timing: How Soon Is Too Soon?

By Tim Durso There’s one age old question that inevitably creeps into the forefront of the (admittedly neurotic) mind of many medical students during the pre-clinical years: “When should I start studying for Step 1?” For a question that seems so universal, the answer is far from it. […]

Mnemonic Monday: Argyll-Robinson Pupil

By Haley Masterson To remember the ocular symptoms of Argyll-Robinson Pupil, just take the first letter of each word – ARP – and read it forwards and backwards. Forwards, you have ARP – Accommodation Reflex Present. Backwards, you have PRA – Pupillary Reflex Absent. Usually the constriction to […]

A Message from the Editor

I am pleased to fill some impressive shoes. Dr. Walter Wiggins had an amazing tenure as editor of the USMLE-Rx Web Team, and I encourage readers to check out some of his work (use the search box, and search by “Walter Wiggins”). His leadership as a student, author, […]