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On the Road Again: Away Rotations!

By Molly Lewis During the first several months of the 4th year of med school, many students pack their bags, pre-pay their rent, and fly off to a new med school to spend four weeks on an away rotation. Sean’s post about DO audition rotations has some quality […]

Congrats! You Matched! Now What?

By Molly Lewis OK, you can breathe easy- you have a job next year! But you also have less than three months to “get your affairs in order” before the craziness of intern year begins. What do you need to get done before residency orientation begins? Here’s a […]

A Basic Guide to Research for IMGs

By Sasmit Sarangi The number of IMGs doing either short-term or long-term research has increased significantly over the past few years. In my opinion, this has been driven primarily by increasing competition in the residency application process and, as a result, IMGs try to seek an extra edge. […]