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A Message from the Editor

I am pleased to fill some impressive shoes. Dr. Walter Wiggins had an amazing tenure as editor of the USMLE-Rx Web Team, and I encourage readers to check out some of his work (use the search box, and search by “Walter Wiggins”). His leadership as a student, author, […]

An Ode to Step 1 and New Things

By Patrick Sylvester In the final stages of Step 1 studying, and not sure what to do? How will you fill the last few days? Question bank? Flashcards? Or perhaps one more pass through First Aid? You could do that. You could also go for a run, or […]

Great Expectations

By Sasmit Sarangi As residents, we are expected to meet and exceed the requirements of our patients, colleagues, and supervisors. After the completion of the Match, and after the euphoria settles down, we are ultimately left with weight of our own expectations. There is a mixture of excitement […]

Identifying a Research Mentor

Jocelyn Compton In a previous post called Getting The Most Out of Your Research Experience, we presented a few points of advice on how to optimize research. We think that research is a great way to enhance your academic profile and improve your effectiveness as a resident and […]