Congratulations, you've matched!

By Jaysson Brooks


Congratulations, you have matched!

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On March 17th, 2011, I read the words that served as the culmination of all that I had worked for since my first biology class as a pre-med. I matched into my dream program and was floating on cloud nine.

For those of you who were lucky enough to match in a residency program last week, you will have a sense of euphoria that lasts until graduation day. But, now that you know where you will be spending the next 3-7 years of your life, how do you plan to get there after graduation, and how do you plan to pay for it? I grappled with these same questions after match week, especially since I would be making a move from California to the east coat. What follows are my experiences and recommendations on how to move after the match.

How to Get Your Stuff There
If you can drive to your new residency program then that is ideal. One of my classmates decided to drive from California to the east coast. He actually hooked up a trailer to his pickup truck and made the four-day journey. I had no desire to waste four days of my life on the road for my coast-to-coast trip, so I opted to ship everything, including my car and my belongings.

I did my research, and basically, there are only two really big players worth using for this kind of move – ABF U-Move and PODS. Both companies were able to drop a small, medium, or large container in front of my house, allowing me to take my time packing everything into it. PODS would leave the container in front of my house for around 30 days while ABF U-Move limited me to about one week. Both companies offered to have movers come in and pack up the shipping container with all of my stuff, for an extra fee, of course. Also, both companies promised to get my stuff from California to the east coast in about five days. Both companies have great reputations, but I decided to go with ABF U-Move because they were about $1,200 cheaper for my particular trip. My experience was truly pleasant; the week of my graduation, they dropped the metal cube off in front of my house, and the day after graduation, my family and I started packing everything up and loading the cube. When I was done loading the cube, I called the company, they picked it up, and it showed up in exactly five days. The total cost to me was about $2,220 (remember that this is the around maximum amount since my moving distance was extremely far).

Next, I had to figure out how to get my car and my wife’s car to the opposite coast. This took a little more research, and I used a great website called Transport Reviews. This website has reviews of hundreds of different car transport companies and also allows you to fet a free quote from many of these companies. I advise you to read through the reviews of the different companies carefully, as some reviews are marked as “compensated,” meaning that the reviewer received a partial refund of their order for writing up their thoughts. The good part is that these reviews are clearly labeled and otherwise you can really get a good look at a company before parting with your money. My method for finding the company I wanted to ship my cars was to take the top five ranked companies and read their reviews closely to see if they were a company I wanted to work with. If you would like to know the company I ended up working with, please ask in the comment section below. It cost about $2400 total for me to ship two cars from California to the east coast. Of course, your costs may be different depending on how far you are moving

How Do You Pay for It?
So my move from California to the east coast was already adding up to about $5,000 total, and I hadn’t even bought my plane ticket yet. How do you pay for all of this? You may think that your school loan money will suffice, but that cash flow will dry up quickly, and given the fact that most residents don’t receive their first pay check until August of their intern year, this means that there really won’t be much money flowing in.

For me, the Wells Fargo MedCap-XTRA loan for residency relocation and interview travel was a lifesaver. Borrowers are able to access up to $15,000 to help finance a move, and repayment doesn’t t begin until 60 months after you graduate from medical school. I’m sure there are other banks that have similar programs, but I found Wells Fargo’s to be the best.

Congratulations again on matching! Hopefully, this article points you in the right direction as you plan how to get to your final destination. If you have any specific questions, be sure to leave them in the comments section.



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