Rx Bricks Podcast: Macroscopic Skin Lesions

Macroscopic Skin Lesions

Macroscopic Skin Lesions

A thorough skin examination should be performed annually to assess for new or changing macroscopic skin lesions. It is critically important to be able to identify and describe normal and abnormal skin and to note your findings carefully, because a change in an existing skin lesion is the most common sign of skin cancer, including deadly ones like melanoma. In this discussion, we will describe the specific ways in which you document skin lesions, using a vocabulary that other clinicians will understand.

After listening to this AudioBrick, you should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of physical examination of the skin.
  • Describe macroscopic skin lesions, explaining and illustrating each of the following: size, type (eg, vesicle, bulla), color, configuration (eg, annular, targetoid, discoid), arrangement (eg, solitary, grouped, linear, reticular), and distribution and location.

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